Fact Card: Webvolunteering.org

Fact Card is a series of posts summarising crowdsourcing and public decision making initiatives relevant to our project. Please post a comment or email us with any clarification.


Webvolunteering offers online volunteering tools and connects volunteer and non-governmental organisations with people who offer their time to contribute to projects beyond just collecting money on the street. The platform is offered to organisations at a low cost.

How does it work?

  • After registering and creating a new profile, new members can specify their own skills and which type of projects they are interested in.
  • A listing of open projects is available and more details can be found on the project page
  • If the project is interesting, the member can join the project.
  • After the project leader has approved the new group members, they are given access to the project space where they can contribute to the project

Who’s involved?
Citizens, NGOs, Abonnet Oy.

Active. The service is intended to expand outside Finland in the future.



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2 comments on ‘Fact Card: Webvolunteering.org’

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  2. Thanks Maija for including our service in here!

    Webvolunteering is in a very early phase and we would very much appreciate feedback and suggestions on how to improve the service and how to increase user base. Seems that volunteering over internet is very new thing to NGOs and thus it’s challenging for them to innovate suitable projects.

    But feedback has been encouraging and we are 100% sure that this is the dominant way to do volunteering in the future!

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