Fact Card: Talkootarjotin

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Talkootarjotin is an online service for coordinating volunteer work and matching volunteers and projects in need of volunteers. Currently under construction the open source service is, naturally, built by volunteers.

How does it work?

  • Talkootarjotin is a platform where people offering their time and projects in need of workforce can find each other. The service uses the profile information of the registered users to target them with more suitable offerings and tasks they might be interested in
  • Associations, clubs and organisations can administer volunteer work through the service more efficiently. This enables them to organise their resources better and offer more clearly defined tasks at set dates and times which would make it easier for people to commit themselves
  • The volunteers and organisations can give feedback to each others. The feedback is useful for further development and building trust

Who’s involved?

Pre-launch, ongoing development.



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