Fact Card: Porkkanamafia

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Instead of boycotts, Porkkanamafia (‘carrotmob’) offers to spend money in order to support the business if the business is willing to make a socially responsible change. The lonely consumer is powerless, but a big crowd can get their voice heard. Carrotmob consist of people who are willing to vote with their feet – and wallets.

How does it work?

  • Porkkanamafia negotiates with local businesses (restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, etc.) and ask how much of the extra revenue coming from a carrotmob event they would be willing to invest in the improvement of their energy efficiency
  • A shopping spree will be organised for the benefit of the business with the ‘highest bid’ (the largest sum going to energy efficiency)
  • Afterwards, volunteering energy consultants evaluate what kind of actions the business could and should take and supervise their work
  • The Finnish carrot mob has an open discussion board on their website where people can suggest and comment on new projects

Who’s involved?
Citizens, local businesses

Active. Groups and local associations around Finland


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