Fact Card: Otakantaa.fi

Fact Card is a series of posts summarising crowdsourcing and public decision making initiatives relevant to our project. Please post a comment or email us with any clarification.


Otakantaa.fi is a platform for ministries to collect citizens’ opinions and experiences about topics that are being prepared. The website is online both in Finnish and Swedish.

How does it work?

  • New conversations are added about issues that are being discussed/prepared in Finnish ministries – the portal works only one way: citizens are not able to start discussions
  • Each subject is introduced and questions are put forward. The discussion is online for a few weeks
  • Once the discussion has ended, the comments are summarised and sent forward to their respective parties for evaluation and consideration

Who’s involved?
Citizens, government officials. The portal is run by the Ministry of Justice.

Active. A new version of the platform is being developed.

www.otakantaa.fi / www.dinasikt.fi

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