Fact Card: Osallistuva Budjetointi

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Politicians and public officials are often in charge when it comes to deciding how public money is spent. Unfortunately, the opinions and insight of citizens are often left out. Osallistuva budjetointi is a participatory budgeting project for the new Central library in Helsinki.

How does it work?

  • The project offers the citizens and library customers the opportunity to take part in deciding how a part of the procurement funds (100 000 €) for the new Central library are spent
  • The project will be carried out during autumn 2012. General planning and preparations takes place before a series of workshops, discussions, evaluation and final budget decisions
  • The city library will implement the budget according to its own procurement procedure
  • In addition to including citizens in the decision making process the project aims at opening and visualising the library’s financial data and bringing it forward in an easy to read format

Who’s involved?
Helsinki city library, Avanto insight Oy, Emobit Oy, Sitra, citizens.

Active, website and project running. Budgeting phase taking place during autumn 2012.


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