Fact Card: Mieluisa Tampere

Fact Card is a series of posts summarising crowdsourcing and public decision making initiatives relevant to our project. Please post a comment or email us with any clarification.

Mieluisa Tampere is run by the Mieluisa collective. The project aims to bring forward ideas to make Tampere a better place for its residents. Mieluisa Tampere is a city art project aiming at encouraging and inspiring citizens to take part in creating a pleasant and lively city environment. Mieluisa Tampere was awarded with the ‘City Act of the Year’ award in 2011.

How does it work?

  • Both citizens and Mieluisa collective can send in ideas for development in the Mieluisa Tampere website
  • Ideas are published on the website and they can be commented by visitors and they are put forward to the city administration (City planning office)
  • Mieluisa Tampere also takes part in events around Tampere to promote their work and collect ideas
  • Later on the project will expand from art installations to real projects starting with very small, temporary projects aiming at heading towards bigger and more solid solutions. Co-operation with a number of organisations and art institutions is also in the works. The project lives constantly mirroring on the experiences and feedback received from the audience

Who’s involved?
Mieluisa collective, citizens, city of Tampere, Tampere Architecture Week, and Luova Tampere project (ended 2011).

Active. According to the website the project is planned to be expanded to other cities in the future.


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