Fact Card: Mesenaatti.me

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Mesenaatti is a prototype for a Finnish crowdfunding platform. The project has been shaping for the past couple of years in the developer group and is now taking bigger steps towards becoming reality.

How does it work?

  • Waiting for its launch, Mesenaatti has posted some guidelines about how the service works both for project creators as well as project backers.
  • Project creators present projects online by video, text and pictures stating the aim as well as supporter rewards, project goal and deadline.
  • According to the website, backers are (depending on the project) eligible for profit if the project is successful. However, this is not explained further and the method is unclear.

Who’s involved?
Project creators and backers (registered users can act as both), Mesenaatti team.

Pre-launch. Mesenaatti is under construction due to launch during early 2013.


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