Fact Card: Lucky Ant

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Launched in January 2012, Lucky Ant is another example of extending crowdfunding to local businesses. Like Smallknot, the service gives small business owners a way to raise money in the form of small donations to fund improvement projects.

How does it work?

  • Lucky Ant uses a one-project-a-week model instead of featuring several projects at the same time. This is done to allow people to focus on one project which will hopefully lead to a higher conversion rate.
  • Registered users receive an email at the beginning of the week informing about the most recent campaign. Campaigns need to reach their goal to receive the money for the project.
  • Community members receive special rewards, VIP treatment and other perks in exchange for supporting their local businesses.
  • Lucky Ant charges a commission fee from the businesses for featuring the campaign.

Who’s involved?
Citizens, local businesses, Lucky Ant Inc.

Active. The service is currently only operating in New York.


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