Fact Card: Joukkoenkeli

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Joukkoenkeli is a new Finnish service for crowdsourcing: a shared collaboration platform for people, businesses, government, and third sector – all together or separately. Joukkoenkeli tries to move from collecting ideas and discussing them to implementing them.

How does it work?

  • Share an idea online, publish it
  • Ideas can be further divided into smaller projects requiring various types of skills/expertise, people can comment on ideas online
  • Invite friends/share projects/allocate resources
  • People start acting or nothing happens
  • Ideas/projects shared on the ‘public’ side are open for everyone to develop and they can be cloned and refined further enabling the diffusion of best practice

Who’s involved?
Founding partners are BOTH Design agency and Avaja Open.

What’s new?
From talking to doing: new web interface that encourages open ideation. Creating networks between projects and knowledge – moving from crowdsourcing to crowddoing.

Beta launched in April 2012 (pilot projects include Finnoo area development in Espoo and Diakonissalaitos in Helsinki), release estimated August 2012.


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