Fact Card: ioby (In Our Backyard)

Fact Card is a series of posts summarising crowdsourcing and public decision making initiatives relevant to our project. Please post a comment or email us with any clarification.


ioby is an environmental nonprofit organisation with a a mission to deepen civic engagement in cities by connecting individuals directly to community-led and neighbour-funded environmental projects in their local communities with the help of a crowdsourcing platform online.

How does it work?

  • ioby follows the same basic formula as Neighborland, Kickstarter, and many others: Registered users create projects and upload material on the project page to collect funding and get support.
  • Registered users can comment and make suggestions for projects.
  • Donators for ioby projects do not receive any gifts in exchange for their donations. ioby is a not for profit organisation and donators can choose to either pick a project to fund or make a donation directly to ioby. ioby channels the donations forward and a proportion of the donations is used to cover operating costs.

Who’s involved?
Citizens, ioby.

Active. ioby starter as a local act in New York but went national in April 2012 and is now available throughout the U.S.


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