Fact Card: Hukkatila ry.

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Hukkatila ry. is an association aiming at enlivenment of the city space and culture in Tampere. The association was registered in May 2012.

What’s happening?
Hukkatila ry. has reclaimed an empty outdoor area close to the centre of the city. YIT, a construction and real estate company, owns the property but has given Hukkatila permission to organise events during summer 2012.

Who’s involved?
Hukkatila ry., citizens, city of Tampere (funding for event production), YIT (empty location about to be turned into a construction site).

Hukkatila ry. has organised a party to collect money to cover the running costs, skate ramps and gardening are open for everyone. They plan to organise outdoor cinema, bike repair workshops, etc. during the summer 2012.


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