Fact Card: Give a Minute

Fact Card is a series of posts summarising crowdsourcing and public decision making initiatives relevant to our project. Please post a comment or email us with any clarification.

Give a Minute is a platform for public dialogue about improving urban environment. The website acts as a virtual billboard for ideas allowing people to publish direct feedback to their local government by using a public forum.

How does it work?

  • People submit ideas which then get registered on a Post-it graphic appearing on the website
  • Ideas can also be submitted via Facebook or Twitter
  • Suggestions are then funneled to city government who will connect people with similar ideas to action groups organised around potential solutions

Who’s involved?
Citizens, city officials. The service was created by Local Projects together with CEOs for Cities and it received funding from the Rockefeller and Knight foundations.

Hibernating. The website is up, however latest posts on the Memphis and Chicago billboards date back to 2011.


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3 comments on ‘Fact Card: Give a Minute’

  1. Tristan says:

    The idea here is excellent, and I totally applaud local projects. The good thing here is when people send things in it feels nice. Like sitting

    …but the usability of the eventual virtual postit notes is not a good skeuomorph. You feel like you should be able to pick them up and interact with them.

    I also kinda object to the color coding meaning nothing. I try to read meaning into it.

    Additionally, facebook sharing is terrible idea for the medium of interaction. This should be an expanding and sorting function rather than ‘sharing’ (a facebook like is a share and this won’t make sense on your facebook wall).

    For example, vote up someones idea like reddit or comment on someones idea like I am now (and sort the ideas by most commented) – these are good additions.

    So, yeah, I like the idea but feel it could be improved.

  2. Jeremy says:

    The image on the page is 1.2MB, can the file size be reduced to improve the load time?

  3. Maija says:

    Hi Tristan and thanks for sharing your thoughts! Change by Us is a more developed version of Give a Minute. The colourful notes are still there, but that’s only the front page. The platform has been developed further allowing for more interaction and providing tools for projects management instead of just voting or liking something. Maija

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