Fact Card: Digitalkoot

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Digitalkoot (‘digital voluntary work’) is a game-ified platform for citizens to correct text in the articles of the digitised newspaper collection of Kansalliskirjasto (the National Library of Finland). The newspaper collection has been digitised by using automatic text recognition. However, the all-powerful computers aren’t able to recognise all the words due to poor quality of old newspapers, typeface, etc. and the material has to be corrected manually.

How does it work?

  • The game is accesses through Facebook
  • Gamers correct words and collect points
  • High scores are published on the Facebook page and website
  • Later in 2012 new features will be added (repairing article structure, adding photos to articles)

Who’s involved?
Citizens, Kansalliskirjasto, Microtask

Active. Some 25 000 individual users through Facebook.


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