Fact Card: Avoin Ministeriö

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Avoin Ministeriö (‘Open Ministry’) started on 1 March 2012 in accordance with the new Citizens’ Initiative Act. Avoin Ministeriö is a crowd sourcing platform for citizens. Anyone can post their ideas as suggestions for new acts and comment on other users’ ideas with their own name.

How does it work?

  • Avoin Ministeriö facilitates the crowd sourcing process and provides collaboration tools enabling citizens to develop their ideas into actual law proposals
  • Registered users can submit proposals which are debated and refined as the discussion goes further. The ideas and comments submitted to the service are under a Creative Commons license
  • Registered members can also vote for (or against) the proposals
  • The best ideas are refined into initiatives which are evaluated by volunteer experts
  • Law proposals are submitted to the Parliament after the required 50,000 signatures have been collected online

Who’s involved?
Citizens and volunteers behind Avoin Ministeriö (Avoin Ministeriö is a non-government related service)

What’s new?
The first online portal in Finnish to take advantage of the Citizens’ Initiative Act

Active. The first phase of the website includes basic functions. More functions and tools are being developed by volunteers. Some 130 initiatives were posted during the first 2 months. No initiatives have been passed forward to the parliament yet since electronic signature (coming soon) has not been enabled and signatures in favor of acts cannot be verified.


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