Fact Card: Aloitekanava.fi

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Aloitekanava (‘Initiative Channel’) enables young citizens to take part in municipal decision making online and to give suggestions to improve their immediate surroundings. Aloitekanava responds to the requirements of the youth act to provide young citizens with an opportunity to take part in decision making on a municipal level.

How does it work?
Like Avoin Ministeriö, Aloitekanava facilitates the crowdsourcing process for young people to send suggestions to municipal decision makers. Municipalities can also post topical questions for the youth to comment on.

  • Each city and municipality in Finland has their own ‘channel’ and registered users can submit suggestions
  • Registered users can comment and vote for suggestions, suggestions with favourable votes will be carried on and moderators will edit them into initiatives
  • Initiatives can be commented further and they are tracked through their way on the municipal level

Who’s involved?
Young citizens, municipalities, Nuorten tieto- ja neuvontapalveluiden kansallinen koordinaatio- ja kehittämiskeskus (Centre for National Coordination and Development for Youth Information Services).

What’s new?
An easy way for the youth to contact municipal decision makers in an environment familiar to them.

Active. Usage varies between municipalities. 140 municipalities had joined Aloitekanava by early 2011 and the expansion continues. New interface being tested.


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