Conversation with Rodrigo Araya, Tironi Asociados, Chile
On the phone to Alejandro Gutierrez the other day, talking citizen participation, he said I had to meet his Chilean colleague, Rodrigo Araya of Tironi Asociados. Rodrigo, and Tironi, were doing amongst the most interesting and effective citizen participation work around, apparently. A few weeks later, Rodrigo happened to be in northern Europe, so we reeled [...] Read more – ‘Conversation with Rodrigo Araya, Tironi Asociados, Chile’.
Conversation with Marcus Westbury (Renew Newcastle, Renew Australia etc.)
Marcus Westbury started Renew Newcastle, which was one of the (many) starting points for Brickstarter – you can read more about it here, and here, and here, and here, and here. We won’t go into it in detail here, save to say that it is an inspiring example of light-touch social infrastructure and governance, with purpose. [...] Read more – ‘Conversation with Marcus Westbury (Renew Newcastle, Renew Australia etc.)’.
Trust vs. Assurance
Toshio Yamagishi‘s book titled The Structure of Trust: An Evolutionary Game of Mind and Society is promising. The premise is simple (emphasis mine): This book is written around the central message that collectivist society produces security but destroys trust. We understand intuitively that in a collectivist society… people tend to feel secure with their own kind [...] Read more – ‘Trust vs. Assurance’.