Case Studies

Gray area
Crowdfunding could be a nice shot in the arm to boost the sluggish economy. Amongst our Fact Cards there are some great examples internationally, but for some reason the Finnish authorities have taken a resistant stand and the examples we have posted from Finland are all about crowdsourcing not funding. Positioned somewhere in the gray areas [...] Read more – ‘Gray area’.
Community-owned renewable energy in Germany
A few weeks back, I was on vacation in a northern German small town, talking to an old friend over coffee, waiting for the rain to pass so that we could get our bike ride in the nearby hills started. I told him about my research here at Sitra, which is mainly concerned with local [...] Read more – ‘Community-owned renewable energy in Germany’.
Conversation with Nene Tsuboi & Tuomas Toivonen (Kulttuurisauna)
Although the sauna holds a special place in the heart of Finland, it’s not so often these days that a new public sauna is built. They’ve fallen out of fashion with the rise of private saunas that are now built into most residences. As of 2010 there were 1.5 million saunas in flats alone here [...] Read more – ‘Conversation with Nene Tsuboi & Tuomas Toivonen (Kulttuurisauna)’.
Conversation with Rodrigo Araya, Tironi Asociados, Chile
On the phone to Alejandro Gutierrez the other day, talking citizen participation, he said I had to meet his Chilean colleague, Rodrigo Araya of Tironi Asociados. Rodrigo, and Tironi, were doing amongst the most interesting and effective citizen participation work around, apparently. A few weeks later, Rodrigo happened to be in northern Europe, so we reeled [...] Read more – ‘Conversation with Rodrigo Araya, Tironi Asociados, Chile’.
Interview with +Pool
Archie (middle) and Dong-Ping (right). Source: pluspool.org On a sunny Manhattan morning I met Archie Lee Coates IV and Dong-Ping Wong to discuss +Pool, their attempt to crowdfund a public pool in the East River that we’ve previously discussed on this site. Two years into the project, Archie and Dong-Ping are still energized by the [...] Read more – ‘Interview with +Pool’.
Conversation with Marcus Westbury (Renew Newcastle, Renew Australia etc.)
Marcus Westbury started Renew Newcastle, which was one of the (many) starting points for Brickstarter – you can read more about it here, and here, and here, and here, and here. We won’t go into it in detail here, save to say that it is an inspiring example of light-touch social infrastructure and governance, with purpose. [...] Read more – ‘Conversation with Marcus Westbury (Renew Newcastle, Renew Australia etc.)’.
Background thinking
Welcome to Brickstarter! Here’s our evolving one-page overview of the project, but there our many precursors to this project that it builds upon. We’re talking hundreds of analogous case studies and projects, dozens of web services and apps, several books, many academic research papers, and a hearty stew of ongoing conversations. We’ll be discussing the most relevant [...] Read more – ‘Background thinking’.